A long first day.

This day has been a long time coming, and I was looking forward to it  like a child awaits xmas morning, but I was a whisker away from a tantrum that would make the Bikini atolls nuclear tests look and sound  like a balloon popping in a lead lined bank vault, drama queen I hear you say, ok a bit OTT!. In a nut shell I arrived in the Andujar national park after a long drive from Marbella, via Seville, where I picked up  the last of my filming equipment, and shock horror I could not find the one bit of kit that is essential before filming can begin, my new binoculars. I spent an hour emptying the Toyota MPV and tearing a part everything I posses in the world , only to find them wrapped in a t-shirt in my fresh laundry , what an ass.

Heavy  rains had hit much of Andalucia over the last week, and had left it as lush as nature could conjure it, the light was rich and clear, the sun last rays became obscured by the thickening clouds on the horizon and I decided to spend what energy I had left watching several Red Deer hinds grazing knee deep in tall grass and sprays of wild flowers and clumps of the reddest poppies I had ever seen.

I did not expect to see a Lynx  today, and I did not, but I will be up with the birds everyday for the next few months trying to locate and film them, and no doubt wear myself into the ground in the process. Tomorrow I am going to load up the back pack with my new camera, strap  the tripod to my mountain bike, and head for the hills, but right now I am heading for my pillow in the back of my Toyota Previa before I fall asleep at the table in the  Los Pinos hotel.

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