Lynx at Last

It may have been pouring with rain, I may have resembled a wet sponge, but the 5am rise, after a sleepless night caused by the heavy rain hammering on the roof of my Toyota Previa, was soon forgotten when I spotted my first wild Iberian lynx and managed to capture some footage of this rare feline.

I was about 300 mrs away when I noticed one of handful of people who had braved the inclement weather  that had rolled in and was soaking the Andujar National Park, running with camera in hand, this means one of two things, he has a bad stomach, or he has spotted a lynx, luckily it was the latter. I arrived at a group of 4 photographers all ecstatic at having spotted, not one, but 3 Iberian Lynx all sheltering from the rain near a large moss covered rock surrounded by trees, bushes and lush damp ferns.

I joined the hustle and begged for a bit of quiet as I was shooting video and trying to pick up the sound of the Magpies screeching, as they do when a Lynx is in the neighborhood, but that kindly worded request fell on deaf ears, so I just gave in rather than cause a problem with the locals.

I managed to capture a few minutes of footage, albeit at the extreme end of the zoom on the camera, but you cannot be too fussy when it comes to the worlds rarest cat. It was as wet as those trying to photograph it, and luckily shook it’s head quick time from side to side to shed some water, and this I managed to capture as well as it marking part of it’s territory with a quick spray from the rear end.


I was delighted, even though my first filming encounter with this species, was a short one. I will be up with the birds, again, regardless of the rain, which is forecast for a few more days, and hopefully our paths will cross again.

Time will tell, and this I have in abundance, sadly I cannot say this about my finances!!

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