A trip to the supermarket today cost me far more than the price of the goods I carried out of there in my pack. I had planned to go into the heart of Iberian lynx territory with Martin a photographer  I  had crossed paths with 2 days prior, four eyes are better than two, when looking for any species this rare.

We arranged to meet at 7am fort a coffee, and then  set off for the days filming and photo antics. At lights out the night before we arranged to meet,  I left my smelly hiking boots outside my van because they were getting a little ripe, and my olfactory senses were  not happy about them sharing the confines space of my cramped MPV.

So outside they went, only this caused a modicum of confusion when Martin saw them parked under the sliding door and assumed i was still sleeping, so off he went alone. I was none the wiser 25 mtrs away in the  El Rancho restaurant sipping coffee and waiting for him to show.

When he failed to show I thought he may have overslept, so I drove into Andujar to buy supplies, what a monumentally bad decision that turned out to be.

I came back with tons of shopping, and he came back with bags of close up images of 4 or 5 Lynx he somehow managed to cross paths with between 9am and 9pm.

Words fail me


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